Programmatic Guaranteed

Programmatic guaranteed is a great way for buyers to test the programmatic waters – this method of buying allows advertisers to buy guaranteed ad impressions in advance from specific publisher sites.

Supply- Side RTB Platform (SSP)

We provide publishers with a South African based ad exchange platform that maximises yields by defining certain parameters, ensuring that inventory sells at an appropriate CPM.

Demand-Side RTB Platform (DSP)

Our publishers are members of the IAB and all our seller user statistics are IAB audited.
We have exclusive direct programmatic access to premium publishers in Sub-Saharan Africa.
We allow buyers to create their own user segments, set price parameters and more, in a safe, transparent environment.

Private Marketplaces

Programmatic campaigns bought through semi-private and private ad exchanges have completely transparent pricing models. Private marketplaces are a transparent way for buyers and sellers to transact programmatically within the rules they agree upon upfront.

Audience targeting & retargeting

Target users to a granular level all the way down to placement and unique user segment – including lifestyle, past purchase behaviour, propensity to purchase certain products, interest shown in certain categories and demographic information.

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